Procurement Services

Strategic procurement is key to what the Technology Park is able to offer its business community.  From furniture, lighting, printing, technology, and laboratory equipment to grounds and maintenance, Procurement Services works to ensure contracts with reputable suppliers who represent high-quality products, equipment, and services that are quickly and efficiently delivered at the best overall value.

“We are able to accomplish this time after time because we have a rigorous selection process,” says Nicole Runyon, Procurement Services’ strategic sourcing manager. “Through competitive bidding and a comprehensive vetting process, we have a ready-made list of well-respected suppliers who provide goods and services for the best possible prices, and that’s very compelling.”

Procurement Services’ staff specialize in identifying suppliers along with goods and services; issuing and expediting orders; soliciting and reviewing quotes, bids, and proposals; and negotiating terms and conditions.

“Whether we are installing lighting upgrades that will lower utility bills across the entire Technology Park Campus or constructing new offices for a company that has outgrown its current space, our partnership with Procurement Services directly benefits the bottom-line for our tenants,” says Karl Lampson, Director. “It all comes down to saving money and time, as well as accessibility in meeting our clients’ needs on a daily basis.”

Easy access to products and services is another benefit of Procurement Services through its Online Shopping Cart at Rensselaer (OSCAR). Equivalent to “an Amazon for Rensselaer,” OSCAR is a user-friendly, one-stop online marketplace that streamlines the purchasing process for expeditious ordering and delivery.

“In addition to having the benefit of pre-vetted suppliers, the contracts we have established by leveraging our overall spending means that you get the best quality and service from our certified supplier base,” says Rachael Capo, director of procurement services.  “We expect the same high level of performance from our suppliers, whether it’s a small or large project.”

“Procurement Services touches all aspects of our customer services,” Lampson says. “Procurement is one of our major resources that allows us to provide a ‘best value’ partnership with our tenants.”