As a highly ranked academic and research institution, Rensselaer has extensive expertise across several platforms to solve global challenges. Technology Park Tenants have the opportunity to access world class resources through the following portals:

Office of Intellectual Property Optimization (IPO)

Office of Intellectual Property Optimization supports researchers in protecting intellectual property and bringing inventions into the commercial marketplace. We are dedicated to building relationships with commercial partners to benefit Rensselaer and the broader community.

RPI Campus Resources for Lease

The Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies Building (CBIS) supports several state-of-the-art Research Cores that are available to all Rensselaer faculty, staff and students and also to external academic and industrial collaborators and researchers. CBIS is one of the most advanced research facilities in the nation.

Rensselaer Design Lab

The Design Lab experience provides senior engineering students with actual design challenges that come from industry, service organizations, or entrepreneurial ventures. Each semester, student teams work with mentors from sponsor organizations The students share ideas, formulate the problem or opportunity, conceptualize designs, build prototypes, and test their solutions.

Rensselaer Procurement Services

Procurement Services assists the Rensselaer community with the purchasing and acquisition of goods and services. The goal is to provide responsive, efficient, and timely acquisition of quality products and services at fair and reasonable pricing, consistent with Institute requirements and Federal guidelines.

Manufacturing Innovation Center

The Manufacturing Innovation Center, originally established as a New York State-designated Center for Advanced Technology in 1989, assists client companies with applied manufacturing R&D to help them meet specific business objectives – increasing productivity, profitability, domestic and international competitiveness, and the number and quality of products offered – so that they can grow and create jobs.

Center for Computational Innovations (CCI)

The CCI is solving problems for next-generation research through the use of massively parallel computation and data analytics. The center supports researchers, faculty, and students a diverse spectrum of disciplines. Industry collaborators include IBM, Boeing, GlobalFoundries, Intel, and Xerox.

A central feature of the CCI is the Artificial Intelligence Multiprocessing Optimized System (AiMOS), an eight petaflop IBM POWER9-equipped supercomputer configured to enable users to explore new AI applications.

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