Management and Administrative Solutions


Management and Administrative Solutions (MASS), a New York State-certified woman-owned business, offers cost-effective services that cover a comprehensive range of executive and administrative needs so that businesses, government, and organizations can do more, grow, and focus on their mission.

Services range from executive and financial staffing to program management, which includes public outreach, communications, and fundraising. MASS also specializes in government relations, policy development, and data management.

“MASS devises customized management and administrative solutions for just about every situation you can think of,” says Samantha DeLair, who founded MASS in 2016. “Whether organizations or businesses are looking for a CEO, human resources manager, web designer, accountant, or office assistant, we can meet their needs.”

“The value that we bring to our clients,” DeLair adds, “is our level of expertise at a lower cost. Many of our services can be consolidated and shared with other clients.”

Companies that operate “virtually” especially benefit from partnering with MASS, which provides a base of operations, a physical address, and competent, professional staff, including full human-resource functionality.

DeLair, who has specialized in operations management for nearly 20 years, particularly in the healthcare industry and the nonprofit sector, has worked in the Rensselaer Technology Park Campus for the last seven years as the executive director of the New York Center for Liver Transplantation. She has also served in leadership roles at the New York Alliance for Donation (which is also in the Technology Park) and Albany Medical Center.

“I come from a data-driven background and rely a lot on evidence-based processes to help organizations change the way they approach a problem and apply these solution approaches in a variety of settings,” DeLair says.

DeLair has seen nonprofits struggle over the years, particularly in the healthcare field, as costs have increased and funding has dried up, and saw this as an opportunity to use her expertise to help them and other organizations stay on track and continue to grow.

“A lot of nonprofits are looking for solutions and ways to maximize economies of scale,” she says. “That’s what MASS focuses on.”

MASS, which has doubled its number of employees this year, moved into the Technology Park in 2016. Since then, the company has had opportunities to connect with other tenants and potentially share services. The flexible office space arrangement also allows MASS to grow as a business in cost-effective ways.

“We’ve been able to add offices as our workload and clients have increased, and this has been extremely beneficial. MASS and the Technology Park have a mutual goal of helping innovative companies and organizations grow,” DeLair adds, “and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to be part of a thriving business community.”